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Book Review - "Daughter of Hauk"


Book Review - "Daughter of Hauk" by KateMarie Collins – 5 Stars and a “Magical Read” Shout Out!

As a debut novel, Ms. Collins has definitely showcased her talents as you try to guess ahead what will happen next in each epic scene only to be surprised and then by the end, you just can’t wait to find the next installment of this series!  The characters were very well defined, her use of flashbacks to develop the past while moving through the present was exceptional and as I read I was able to visualize everything as she did such an excellent job of weaving intricate details into fanciful imagery.

Arwenna is the elven main character of this epic fantasy and she is so well defined that she was easily endeared to my heart as I wanted to pick her up and help her along the way in her war against the Corse.  Alas, just as I felt like reaching into the page, she would surprise me with even more strength as she continued on her quest and I was mesmerized again and again by the writer’s talent for portraying the terror and the struggles all the characters faced or caused.

Filled with legends, secrets, epic battles, magic and the age old battle of good versus evil, this author has done an exceptional job with her magical writing talents.  This is a must read for any lover of good books, no matter your genre preference.  If you are a Dungeon’s and Dragons, World of Warcraft, Hobbit / Lord of the Rings fan as I am, you won’t want to miss this great novel!

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