Wednesday, 27 February 2013

"The Commuter" Book Review

Here is a review of one of my short stories called "The Commuter"

Review by: Debra L Hartmann

This short story written by Author Roger Gerald Scott, as expected, demonstrates his charming english writing style and clearly exceptional way with words as this time it strives and succeeds to deeply relate to the inner worker bee in all of us. Derek is your typical mid-life executive that resolves to acknowledge the tedium and disappointment of his ever changing working environment as it spans the lifetime of this successful corporate banker and family man. From changes in technology, population and big brother's influence as it creeps further and further into our working world, we all can appreciate Derek's story. The author's prose weaves an idyllic image of the lifestyle Derek had created for his family and how detached and unavailable it is to him as he toils away at his job unhappily for 14 hours a day. Without spoiling the end, I can not say more! True to form and style previously enjoyed in other short stories by this reviewer, the reader's imagination is coaxed easily to follow and expand upon the imagery this author's prose creates for them. This is an exceptionally well written short story as are Roger's other works and a must read!

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