Friday, 15 February 2013

Prologue Preview Part 1

Here is part 1 of the prologue of "Social Media Anxiety Disorder and the Strange Case of Will Newman" - it's out now on amazon.

Will Newman had lots of friends on Facebook, 679 of them to be more precise. Scrolling down his friends list on his laptop screen, the names resembled an endless array of strange looking thumbnail photos, all individually labelled with jumbled up symbols and characters. Who on earth were all these people, he wondered to himself, embarrassed there were so many he didn’t recognise. It was almost as if he had spent the last year accumulating fake postage stamps for his precious stamp collection! But how the list had been collected wasn't important - what mattered most was that he was now in possession of a long list of “friends” to hold up high and wave about as if he were competing in a school popularity contest.
His thoughts were interrupted by a high pitched shrill coming from downstairs that caused him to panic. Before he had the chance to log out of Facebook, his mum had rushed up the stairs and entered his bedroom. She stood there, shaking her head pitifully as she began the monotonous delivery of her morning sermon on how he was wasting his life on stupid internet “stuff” like Facebook. Will sighed, suddenly depressed. 

Copyright Roger Gerald Scott 


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